Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition

Published on 28 September 2016

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition

On 2nd July, myself and the rest of the team bundled into the Vandyke minibus for an 8 hour drive (fun) to the Lake District in Cumbria. Our first night was spent watching football and eating at a restaurant - which felt like our last proper meal before expedition began the following morning.

The first day was the most challenging, with all of us scrambling with our heavy rucksacks battling rain and wind to reach the summit of Scafell Pike, which felt like a huge achievement. The following day we trekked around Buttermere where Kieran attempted to be macho by running through the bog… which ended up as a complete failure as he slid and fell face first, leading to a quick clothes change; this was by far the highlight of the trip for me! The day got worse when we got to the campsite and it was pouring with rain. We ended up cooking dinner on a trailer and eating it    underneath by the wheels - mmm cold pasta!

Day 3 saw us all trek up Fleetwith Pike; unfortunately we had an injury halfway up which saw the whole team half carry Hannah up the Pike, as well as her bag and morale! However, the day became amazing as the campsite we were staying in had lovely views and WARM SHOWERS, but was full of midges which attacked us when we were trying to eat our porridge!

The final day saw us go up and over Catcalls and through Keswick, where we had beautiful views of all the lakes and hills. Morale was high as we knew the end was in sight… a McDonalds at the service station on the way home and listening to “Uptown Girl” for hours.  I couldn’t be happier with the team I was in, as we all worked so well together, dividing up roles and generally taking the mick out of each other for 4 days. The team will re-unite at Christmas for a meal.

Steph Dawson

Year 13 student