Vandyke Students Vote

Published on 11 July 2016

Vandyke Students Vote

Many students at Vandyke had followed the events leading to the EU referendum with close interest whilst engaging with their peers and teachers about the issues involved. We felt that students deserved an opportunity to vote on the issue. The results reflected the national trend amongst young people who were more likely to vote remain than leave.

First up in the historic week, the Sixth Form were able to enjoy Mrs Quinn and Mr Downey presenting a balanced take on the key issues of immigration, sovereignty and the economy. Both Years 10 and 11 then watched Mrs Quinn and Mrs Moore debate the matter in assembly.

Throughout the sessions it was made very clear to students that much of the information provided from both sides was based on theory. All students were asked to consider the difference between fact and opinion, encouraged to analyse the purpose and motive of sources, whilst reflecting on the responsibility all citizens have to take part in the democratic process. Every student in school then had the opportunity to vote. Many were vocal in their choice and happy to debate their decision with teachers and students.

The campaigns and outcome of the referendum have shown the vitality of respecting others’ views and students have had the opportunity in tutor time to listen to others carefully. The message was clear; every individual has the right to their opinion. Reasoned debate is about  critically appraising both sides before making an informed choice – not demonising the other view.

The results showed a far greater consensus than the referendum as a whole, with 72.1% of Vandyke students voting to remain inside the EU. Students will have a regular opportunity in tutor time over   the next year to debate key issues and events. Over the next week students will be asked whether over 16s should have been allowed to vote, how the EU result will affect our nation and how politicians can work to unify the nation again following the result.


Mrs Quinn

Team Leader of History