Year 10's Theatre Lesson

Published on 27 June 2016

Year 10's Theatre Lesson

Thunder, lightening and rain accompanied the Year 10s into the theatre on Thursday morning, as they partook in their first theatre lesson. Studying Macbeth this half term, students have the opportunity to engage with the play in an active and thought-provoking way - just like any Shakespearean actor.

Focusing on Act 1, students were able to reflect on the significance of Act 1 scene 3; considering the witches’ prophecies for both Macbeth and Banquo. 

But it wasn't just the students who got involved; they watched as their English teachers were transformed into horrifying and grotesque witches cackling about their devious plans, to the powerful best friends Macbeth and Banquo's confusion and disdain at meeting such strange women and offering visions of a future they could hardly imagine. After discussion and evaluation of key    concepts like fate, the motif of light and darkness, pathetic fallacy and the  supernatural, the scene was then handed over to the students! 

What unfolded was an excellent creative process - with some wonderful ideas and fabulous performances.  As part of the GCSE English course, students will be participating in weekly theatre lessons to support their interpretations of the play.

Coming up, Act 2: Is this a dagger? and Act 3 Banquo's ghost.       

Miss Murray