Year 10 Trip to Stoke Bruerne

Published on 13 June 2016

Year 10 Trip to Stoke Bruerne

On two separate days in May, Year 10 history  students made their pilgrimage to the historic village of Stoke Bruerne, the iconic destination for canal enthusiasts. The development of the charming Northamptonshire village is again the subject of study for Year 10 students as they delve into the village’s fascinating history for their controlled assessment.

May weather brought with it two very different days, cold and dreary for the first group, while  brilliant sunshine accompanied the second. After being split up, students spent the day gathering information in the extremely informative and engaging two-storey museum. Many students enjoyed the opportunity to dress up in the authentic garb of the canal worker! The other half of  the day was spent having a tour around the village to see first-hand  the buildings and landmarks that changed as a result of Stoke Bruerne’s long history. This included the famous walk along the canal to the cavernous Blisworth Tunnel, while also making the excursion to the Green and down to the former brickworks.

Hannah Challis remarked that ‘It was the best day of my life!’ while Molly Churchill stated that ‘It was extremely tranquil and it was like stepping back in time.’

Students then were able to enjoy all aspects of the village in their hour lunch break, where the Boat and Navigation Inn were submerged in requests for chips, while others enjoyed the famous delicacies at the Spice of Bruerne. Edward Norman remarked ‘It was the best curry I have ever had!’

Students behaved extremely well and remained extremely enthusiastic at all times during the trip which provided invaluable eyewitness accounts to utilise the completion of their controlled assessment. A big thank you to all involved!

Mr Bodo 

History Department