Duke of Edinburgh Award

Published on 23 May 2016

Duke of Edinburgh Award

After travelling for 5 hours, we finally reached Snowdonia where we pitched our tents and went out for a meal. This would be our last proper meal before we were left to fend for ourselves! We trekked and camped for 4 days and 3 nights. Day 2 proved hardest as we climbed Mount Snowdon, a staggering 1085 metres! Not only this, but we had our heavy rucksacks on, including all our tents, stoves, clothes and food.

Once we’d reached the summit after battling the wind and rain, we made the sensible judgement to not go down one of our paths on the maps because it looked like a bobsleigh track full of ice - a broken neck guaranteed! So we took another track which was not covered in sheets of ice! The views over Snowdon were sensational from the top of the mountain, all the way until we trekked the valleys on our descent. The best part of the trip was that we all came together as a team to make the expedition memorable; meal times in particular were great as we got to know one another. Although the trip was mentally and physically exhausting, the challenging nature meant every step we took was worth the reward at the end.

Bring on our assessed expedition in July!

Steph Dawson

Year 13 student