National Science Week

Published on 25 April 2016

National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week, Mrs Hodges and Mrs Mead were invited to lead an assembly at Southcott Lower School, to kick off their week with a bang. They demonstrated some of their favourite experiments including the whoosh bottle and elephant's toothpaste. Disappearing glass and 'rainbow in a tube' were also presented. The students were treated to a hydrogen balloon finale!

Ms Wilson, from Southcott Lower School wrote to say “Thank you again for kicking off our week so brilliantly! The children loved it and many have talked about it being their favourite thing so far. One of my Year 1 children wrote - I liked the asemberlee today!”.

On Thursday 17th March, the Science Team took part in National Demo Day and pledged to demonstrate their favourite experiments. Included in this was a full rat dissection. Many of the students were really fascinated by this particular demo.

We hope to continue celebrating National Science Week every year.

 Mrs Mead