Year 10 Rise to the Challenge at Cambridge

Published on 14 March 2016

Year 10 Rise to the Challenge at Cambridge

A group of Year 10 students took part in a Cambridge Challenge Day at Emmanuel College on Monday 22nd February. Six schools took part in   the day, which consisted of information about Cambridge, a tour of the college and some “mini” lectures; one on Geology and the other on the Psychology of Happiness.

The challenges came in the form of a Debating Challenge, where Vandyke was paired with another school and had to work in mixed teams to propose or oppose the motion, “Students should be required to attend their local university”. Our students took the lead and managed the process with great maturity, encouraging students from the other school to participate, prioritising key  points and expressing the arguments persuasively. The other competitive element was a quiz, which included questions about the university as well as brain teasers and puzzles. Vandyke won the quiz!

Students clearly found the day both enjoyable and informative and it enabled them to think about their future choices and spurred them on to achieve them.

Ms Kohn