Epping Forest Field Study Centre

Published on 14 March 2016

Epping Forest Field Study Centre

Year 12 embarked on their first of two field trips essential for their unit 2 fieldwork exam; focusing on weather stations, flooding and flood management.

In the morning, on the study centre grounds, students were able to investigate the tools used to measure all aspects of the weather in the field study centre weather station and to record the day’s weather using light intensity meters, bubbles to test wind direction and soil/air thermometers.

They also created their own storm hydrograph to see how fast the discharge of precipitation to rivers would be over different surfaces. A fantastic visual representation of how different soil structures and surface material can influence flooding and flood management.

We then ventured out into the town in the afternoon to investigate the flood management in different areas and to calculate the flood risks.

The whole day was filled with vital information which the students will now work through to use as part of their field studies exam on the 20th May 2016. 

Miss Hart 

Team Leader of Geography