Fairtrade Poster Competion

Published on 08 February 2016

Fairtrade Poster Competion

Local schools were approached to design a poster to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Leighton Buzzard having Fairtrade status.

Vandyke seized this opportunity to get involved.

Mr Mitchell’s after-school art masterclass took on this project with great enthusiasm. Hannah Dimmock, Ethan Doyle, Daniel Scott, Riona Redmond and Sarah Aldous worked collaboratively to produce an outstanding outcome. The final pieces were judged by the Fairtrade Committee and   local artist, David Storey. He said, “I was impressed by the composition, with produce, people and the Fairtrade mark being featured.”  He also thought, “the collage used  different techniques well and was particularly suited to a large scale format, i.e. in the main stairwell of the multi-storey car park”. Once explained it was a team effort he said, “It was a good discipline to learn, especially working in commercial art”.

As the winning entry, the students involved were invited to attend the official launch of the Fairtrade poster. Fairtrade advocates Oxfam and Waitrose were represented by  Angela Feaviour and the Manager of Waitrose Leighton Buzzard, Robin Benford. The photograph shows our students standing in front of their winning artwork supporting this worthwhile cause. Their proud art teacher,  Mr Mitchell was also delighted that the students received Fairtrade bananas and chocolate as recognition of their artistic achievements.