Year 13 band 'Foreign Ground' in concert

Published on 14 December 2015

Year 13 band 'Foreign Ground' in concert

On 8th December the Year 13 band ‘Foreign Ground’ gave another stunning performance for a packed theatre in which they selected a range of songs from different genres including alternative rock, blues, pop, musical theatre and country.  Highlights included songs by Muse, Jimi Hendrix, Dolly Parton, James Bay, and from the new musical Hamilton.

The whole set was delivered with complete technical expertise, commitment, dynamic contour and expression that surpassed expectations. One audience member who intended on only seeing the first half of the show in favour of catching the second half of their favourite sporting event was seen rocking out in the second half of the Year 13’s set oblivious to their prior concern! 

The ensemble were in complete control of all production elements including stage design, which was stylish and effective, utilising string, bamboo and LEDs to great effect. Huge thanks go to Ken in DT for helping create the set, Paul the site agent for all the ladder work and Danielle for her help with the lights.

The performers were Chloe Ryan, Georgia McElwee, Harry Lowther, Naomi Marone, and Will Thomson. The Year 13 performers were supported by Year 11 students Callum Murray and Hannah Thomson who stepped in at the last moment to help support the Year 13s with accompaniments.

Huge thanks go to all who were involved in the show directly. For those who couldn’t come to the actual event the whole show is available for free on our website:

The next event is ‘Flip the disc’ on Tuesday 15th December at 6.30pm followed by the Vandyke Christmas concert on Wednesday 16th at 6pm. Please show your support.  Live music is worth it!

Mr Edwards

Head of Music