Sixth Form Applied Science Trip to UltraVision

Published on 02 November 2015

Sixth Form Applied Science Trip to UltraVision

On the 19th October we went on a trip to contact lens manufacturer UltraVision in Stanbridge Road for our Applied Science coursework Case Study into how businesses apply science to their work. UltraVision are a company that makes bespoke contact lenses for patients who may suffer from eye diseases or eye trauma.

On our trip we were given a presentation on UltraVision’s history and how they use physics, biology and chemistry in their work by a contact lens specialist. We were also shown the labs where the lenses are manufactured, where we were given some very fashionable hair nets, lab coats and blue shoe covers!  We were shown the processes involved in order to turn a block of polymer into the contact lenses that people use daily.

We came away with all the information we needed in order to complete our coursework and we had a great time too!  A special thanks to Wendy Churchill (Export Executive) and Josie Barlow (Optometrist) for making our trip possible and for stopping their work for a few hours in order to accommodate us. 

Wendy Churchill contacted Mrs Melly on our return to say "Thank you for bringing such an attentive group of students to see us this year"

Harry Roberts 

Year 13 Student