Engineering Education Scheme

Published on 30 November 2015

Engineering Education Scheme

On 2nd November the EES (Engineering Education Scheme) project was launched at Vandyke. Five students from Year 12 will be participating this year, supported closely by their mentor from BE Aerospace, Adam Johnstone and Vandyke Teachers, Miss Pettit and Mrs  Hargreaves. 

The EES scheme is a nationwide scheme which aims to encourage A Level Science and Technology students to  participate in solving real world engineering problems and presenting their solutions in front of a board of Engineers at a national presentation event in April.

EES Student Ross Day said ‘The scheme offers something completely different to normal lessons and I am really looking forward to getting started’.

Team Leader of Physics, Miss Pettit, explained “The scheme provides students with an in-depth experience in Science, Engineering and Technology throughout the 6 month programme and will enable them to make an informed decision about their future.  Students will also get the opportunity to compete for a British Association CREST Award.”