Visit to The Royal Opera House

Published on 29 September 2015

Visit to The Royal Opera House

On Wednesday 23rd September a group of Vandyke students had the privilege to attend the schools matinee of "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. The atmosphere was amazing as over 2,000 students aged 7-18 filled the opera house.

Everyone should visit The Royal Opera House at least once.  This was a superb opportunity enjoyed by all.

Here are a few quotes from the students:

"I think it was absolutely brilliant! The entire performance was thrilling and inspiring." Vittoria

"Mozart's music perfectly suited the tone of the opera" Jacob

"The beauty that music can embody is outstanding - I can't quite believe that we were given the opportunity" Molly

"It was the first time I'd been to an opera house - it was amazing" Spencer

"It was amazing, I loved seeing the orchestra and the performers" Caroline

"The music was exquisite and went hand in hand with the voices, costume and plot" Chloe

“Fortunately I had the opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House in London and it was truly an amazing experience.  Opera may not be to everbody’s taste - however, surprisingly, it was to mine.  Watching the production of ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ has really changed my opinion. Alongside seeing a famous landmark in London we got to see others such as: Big Ben, The London Eye and The Houses of Parliament.  The experience was unforgettable and something that I’d encourage anyone to go and see, even those who may not think you would be interested as there is a strong chance your opinion will change. The performance gets you emotionally involved and completely transformed the mood within the room.  Overall it was a momentous day and an experience that no-one would forget.”  Amirah Robinson, Year 11 Student.