Law work experience - Naomi Marrone

Published on 13 July 2015

Law work experience - Naomi Marrone

Year 13 law student Naomi Marrone shadowed HHJ Montgomery at Aylesbury Crown Court during work experience week. Below she shares her experience:

Monday morning I arrived at the court at 9am as I had been instructed and it was quite certain that my nerves had kicked in by then. I was unsure how the judge would be with me and what kind of things I would be doing. 

When I met the judge she was so lovely, she told me what her role was and gave me some advice for reading law at university. The paper work came in for the upcoming day and she handed me some files containing pre-sentence reports, she asked me to read them and feedback on what sentence the defendant should receive in my opinion. One case I suggested a custodial sentence. Subsequently she ordered a custodial sentence and in that I felt like I had contributed to that decision which was fantastic. I got to see the closing statements of both barristers (prosecution and defence) and I was able to listen to the judge summing up in a case where as a result of a fight a man had to have his spleen removed.

On Tuesday there were cases involving kidnapping and threats which were interesting to watch. I watched witnesses give evidence and I saw the jury chosen and sworn in.

The two days at Aylesbury Crown Court made me even more excited to perhaps read law or criminology at university.

After this week the judge has offered to write me up a small reference that I might be able to refer to in my personal statement and she sent me a lovely email. I have had such a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in going into law.