Year 13 Performing Arts Music Showcase

Published on 22 June 2015

Year 13 Performing Arts Music Showcase

A night at the cinema was on the cards for students and staff last Tuesday evening at our very own Cineworld, held in the theatre by the new Year 13 Performing Arts class.

The mixed media event entitled ‘a small view into a big industry’ showed off the musical versatility and technical control of the multi-instrumentalist group.

The night of music, movies, merriment and mirth included a varied set list, taking inspiration from The Fault in our Stars, Pitch Perfect, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Hobbit, to name a few. By exploring a range of thought-provoking questions, such as, “How does the film industry influence society?” the class were able to select film extracts which took the audience on a deep cinematic, emotional and musical journey.

An eager audience member could not contain his excitement when during final applause he screamed, “MAN ALIVE, THAT WAS PHENOMENAL!”, his enthusiasm was later contained, and after the riveting evening of gleeful merrymaking the theatre was once again calm.

Georgia McElwee, Chloe Ryan, Naomi Marrone, Will Thomson, Luke Elwood and Harry Lowther excelled in their 2nd full scale production with the help of Jacob Shooter as lighting design.

If you missed the concert, both performances are available on the homepage of our website: 

Mr Edwards & Miss Doe