Year 10 visit to Stoke Bruerne

Published on 10 June 2015

Year 10 visit to Stoke Bruerne

Over the past fortnight, 150 Vandyke students made the 40 minute journey to Stoke Bruerne – England’s premiere destination for canal enthusiasts.

The picturesque Northamptonshire village has long been a staple destination for GCSE students, who are required to analyse its development as an integral   part of their controlled assessment. Many students were charmed by the quaint Victorian buildings and peaceful atmosphere as they strolled around the village, taking copious notes in their research booklets.   “I wish Leighton Buzzard looked like this!” mused Joel Wellby as he enjoyed a bowl of chips from the famous Boat Inn.  

Stoke Bruerne has been a rite of passage for Vandyke historians for over a decade – and every year, students are drawn to the similarities and differences between Leighton Buzzard and its diminutive counterpart. “It’s  interesting how Stoke Bruerne developed when compared to Leighton Buzzard, since they both had the Grand Union Canal,” quoted Olivia Braylin.

Despite some mixed weather, students retained a positive attitude as they toured the village, following in the footsteps of the barge horses and sitting inside the “concrete ring” of the Blisworth Tunnel. At the museum, students received a fascinating and informative talk about how the canal was intrinsically linked to the fortunes of the village and its inhabitants.

The visit to Stoke Bruerne has been an invaluable eyewitness account which students will be able to utilise as they complete their controlled assessment. Thank you to Year 10 for your impeccable behaviour and boundless enthusiasm!

The Vandyke History Team