Year 11 Awards Evening

Published on 18 May 2015

Year 11 Awards Evening

Two oversubscribed sessions were needed in the Theatre to celebrate the huge number of Year 11 Award winners this year. Both celebrations were extremely busy and enjoyed by students, parents, staff and governors alike.

The evening recognised the achievements, success, and progress made by so many students through year 11. Overall achievement awards were presented to all students, and specific curriculum awards given to select students.

The evening was opened by an address by Headteacher, Mr Carroll, who not only spoke about his own pride in the students achievements, but how the lead inspector on our recent Ofsted inspection made a point of remarking on how the students at Vandyke not only take pride in their work, but are extremely proud to be a part of Vandyke Upper school. They are a credit to the school.

The evening was hosted by Head of Year 11, Mrs Mileham, who said she was “extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great year group, and will be sad but also proud to see them move on to pastures new”

This year the audience was treated to six outstanding performances, each performance receiving its well-deserved ovation. This year’s performances were:

Music: ‘Summer Sadness’ by Lana Del Rey performed by Alex Hewett, Niamh Jones, Fionn Kirk and Catherine Purkiss.

Dance: ‘The Last of Us’ by Moonspell performed by Eleanor Drosihn and Paige Pollard

Music: ‘Who You Are’ by Jessie J. performed by Safi Rudder and Anna Wright

Drama: ‘Find Me’ by Olwen Wymark

GCSE Drama recital performed by Eleanor Drosihn, Michelle Machekera and Paige Pollard

Dance: ‘My Faith’ by Tailor performed by Michelle Machekera

Music: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran performed by Kate Stiles

Well done to all performers – “Simply stunning!” Mr Carroll

Mr Skelton, Director of Year 11, closed the evening, pointing out that “the fantastic performances and work on evidence this evening is just a small snapshot of what we as teachers have to work with on a daily basis.  These students really are a credit to themselves and are a pleasure to work with.”  Mr  Skelton asked the students to join him in thanking their parents/ carers for all the support they have given and will continue to give. The final applause quite rightly was reserved for all Year 11 Award Winners 2015.