Youth Speaks 2015

Published on 09 March 2015

Youth Speaks 2015

For the fourth successive year we have had teams in the district semi-finals of Youth Speaks. Youth Speaks is a nationwide public speaking competition where teams of three present a topic, introduced by a chairperson and then followed up by a vote of thanks. The senior competition includes students aged 14-19 and this semi final showed representatives from Beds. Bucks and Herts. Nine teams competed and two went through to the next round. The speaker has six minutes for his/her speech and the other two members have two minutes each. It is very demanding both to speak in front of a large audience, but especially to do so, having learned a six minute speech by heart!

Once again, our students acquitted themselves very well and held their own among stiff opposition. The two teams were: a Year 12 team consisting of Will Thomson (main speaker), Kyle Gallagher (chairperson) and Amy Woodington (vote of thanks). Their subject was “What is Funny?” an original subject that took a serious look at what we find funny and why.

The other team, of Year 11 students new to Youth Speaks, were: Zoe Bisby (main speaker), Heather MacPherson (chairperson) and Laura Samet (vote of thanks). Their topic was, “Are we too dependent on technology?” discussing both the advantages and some of the disadvantages of our day to day reliance on our phones and computers.

Many congratulations to both our teams!

Ms Kohn