Challenged in Cambridge

Published on 09 March 2015

Challenged in Cambridge

On 25th February a group of Year 10 students visited Cambridge University. The challenges began for the staff before we even arrived; negotiating Cambridge’s one-way system, but we overcame the challenges as did our students, once we had arrived.

The first challenge was a Quiz, including questions about the university and brainteasers. Of the ten schools participating in the day, Vandyke came third!

In the afternoon, teams were set to debate whether people should only be allowed to study subjects that they would use in their future career. The different schools then debated against each other. Both our teams performed really well, our AGAINST team narrowly being beaten and our FOR team narrowly winning.

The lectures in Maths and Psychology made us all re-think some of our assumptions; the Maths lecture enabled us to find an easy way of coping with the challenge of working out the sum of all the odd numbers from 1 to 2015, and the Psychology lecture enlightened us on what makes us happy. In short, experiences are more likely to make us happy than possessions.

The day also included information about Cambridge and studying at university as well as a tour of Emmanuel College and lunch.

Ms Kohn