Year 13 Drama Students

Published on 02 February 2015

Year 13 Drama Students

Year 13 Drama Students gave powerful performances in their recent A level Exam to a packed  audience and their invited guests, local playwright, actor and director Neil Gore and director Louise Townsend of Townsend Productions.

Vandyke students were inspired by their visit to see Neil and Louise’s latest production ‘United We Stand’ at Leighton Buzzard Theatre. The play tells the story of famous actor Ricky Tomlinson’s (Jim from The Royle Family!) struggles for fair pay and conditions as a building worker in the 1970s.

They were so inspired by the play that they decided to create their own A Level Drama performances to tell Ricky Tomlinson’s story again but this time to weave in the historic story of the ‘Tolpuddle Martyrs’ who were transported to Australia from England in the 19th Century for   forming one of the first trades union.

Neil and Louise were impressed and delighted by the high quality, high standard and sheer impact of the students’ work. They wrote and performed their own music, built in original footage of Ricky Tomlinson’s struggle in the ‘70s and used brechtian theatre form to excellent effect to get their strong message across to their audience.

The drama students are looking forward to working with Townsend Productions again later this year on their next project.

Townsend Productions are currently on tour in theatres around the UK.

Mrs Anderson and Mrs Allsopp