Business Students visit to Coca Cola Enterprises

Published on 02 February 2015

Business Students visit to Coca Cola Enterprises

Year 10 Business Studies recently visited Coca Cola enterprises in Milton Keynes as part of their GCSE course. Students enjoyed a presentation closely linked to their classroom learning, including facts about Coca Cola’s marketing and market research and a unique insight into manufacturing.

Students enjoyed a video and informative presentation about Coca Cola as a large brand followed by a tour of the state of the art factory where students watched thousands of Dr Pepper cans going through the production line and quality control checks. Students were amazed as they watched the up to date technology at work in Europe’s largest independent Coca Cola bottlers.

The education centre gave students an opportunity to  develop their knowledge of the world of work and make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the operations that are integral to one of the world’s leading brands. The visit proved to be a great chance for students to experience business in the real world.

Mrs Salgania

Team leader of Business Studies