Vandyke Festival

Published on 06 January 2015

Vandyke Festival

Congratulations to all of the performing music students who made the Vandyke festival such a resounding success! The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who were cheering, dancing and ready for more.

The evening began with a set from the Year 12 group who performed a range of mainly acoustic numbers. Vocals were provided by Georgia McElwee, Naomi Marrone and Chloe Ryan (who also got behind the drum kit) and Will Thompson and Harry Lowther provided accompaniment on acoustic guitars. They performed arrangements from the Jackson 5, Paulo Nutini and R Kelly, amongst others, to a very high standard that really showed off their musicality. We are very much looking forward to their event ‘Gone but not forgotten’ that will be held in the Vandyke theatre on 21st January!

After a short interval the Year 13 group gave an energetic set that included pieces by Queen, The Raconteurs, REM, Oasis and many more. The  multi instrumentalists Josh Flood-Powell, Seb Cridland, Karl Rushby and Dan Holloway were assisted by Jacob Shooter who provided a stunning backdrop of lights and multi-media effects. Their performances ranged from fast paced pieces with razor edged riffory to subtle emotive offerings that demonstrated their musical versatility.

For the final encore the Year 12 and Year 13 groups joined forces to perform ‘Gambling man’ and ‘Treasure’. This was a superb evening that showcased the amazing musical and technical   talent that students have been developing.

We are very much looking forward to the events to come!

Mr Edwards

Team Leader of Music