Business, Finance, Economics visit to The Bank of England

Published on 19 January 2015

Business, Finance, Economics visit to The Bank of England

The Bank of England promises to be an interesting day out and Sixth Form Business, Economics and Finance students found this out when they visited recently. The day started with a guided tour of the financial district led by Mr Ingle which ended at the bank.

The first part of our visit was being let loose in the bank’s museum where students were able to explore how the bank developed into the financial powerhouse that it is  now and how the changing governments have impacted upon the bank’s role in the financial management of the country. Students attended an informative presentation about interest rates and the development of polymer notes which will be introduced within the next five years.

Matt Nash Year 13 Business Studies student says, ‘We were also able to pick up a gold bullion in the bank’s museum and see pictures of the secure gold vaults. We learnt all about the unique security features on current bank notes. This was an interesting and enjoyable experience learning about the UK’s financial system and the impact of these changes.’

Did you know that the lifespan of a fifty pound note is 10 years? 

Mrs Salgania

Team Leader of Business Studies