Cadbury World Visit

Published on 08 December 2014

Cadbury World Visit

On Thursday 20th November 34 Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit Cadbury World and learn about business in the real world.

The day began with an interesting presentation on marketing and other elements of Business Studies with an insight into Cadbury's products. The students were shown several Cadbury advertisements, as well as how they perform as a business, whilst acclimatising their advertisements for different market segments.

Students learnt how Cadbury started as a family business by John Cadbury in 1824, when he opened a shop in Bull Street Birmingham, to the multi-national business it has become.

Year 11 Student, Niamh Jones, reflected on the visit, ‘I found it very interesting because, even though everybody knows of Cadbury, they never realise the difficulties faced by the business years ago. Cadbury has been running since before World War 1, starting as a little tea shop and now it is worth more than £11.2 billion. They also own many other companies, such as Ritz biscuits and Trident which I did not know before my visit.  I can use this experience in my business lessons as it links to the Boston Matrix which places the company’s products into different categories. To be able to see the different parts of a  business will help me and all students to visualise how it works.  I thoroughly enjoyed this day and would recommend it to any Business Studies students.”

Students also had the opportunity to visit the 4D cinema and Cadbury's shop to grab lots of bargain chocolates!

Overall, the students had great day learning about the Cadbury Business.  They were given an insight into the research and development of the cocoa beans used for their products.  Students witnessed the manufacturing of Dairy Milk chocolate, including the stages of quality control involved in ensuring these products reach the consumers' expectations.

Mrs Salgania

Team Leader of Business Studies