Business Department Tesco Head Office Visit

Published on 08 December 2014

Business Department Tesco Head Office Visit

A Level Business Studies students were visited by the Head of Human Resources and an Economics graduate who both work at Tesco Head Office. Students benefited from an informative presentation on Tesco as a business and its current position in the market. This was a great opportunity for students to discuss business decisions with people from industry.

Students were presented with marketing data regarding Tesco’s current market share to gain an insight into a large multi-national business. Students participated in a question and answer session about Tesco’s recent performance and how to overcome its competitors, as well as its popularity amongst its consumers.

Year 13 A Level Business Studies student, Matt Nash, reflected, “The afternoon was a useful, interactive session where our visitors explained all aspects of Tesco’s Human Resources' management strategy. This valuable insight into a multi-national business allowed us to see how the knowledge we had gained in lessons is used in the real world.  We heard how Tesco has dealt with their recent setbacks and how the company and their staff are focused on improvement. There is no hiding the fact that Tesco have lost market share in recent months and how a dramatic decrease in share price has impacted upon staff morale. The afternoon allowed us to see the impact of external changes in a business and how the company now needs to work quickly to restore consumer confidence after dismal results in 2013 and 2014.”

Mrs Salgania

Team Leader of Business Studies