Harry Potter Revisited

Published on 24 November 2014

Harry Potter Revisited

On Friday 7th November ten Year 11 students had the  opportunity to check out their first impressions and learn more about the reality of studying at Oxford. When asked what their first thoughts were about Oxford University, one of the more frequent responses was “Harry Potter”, not  surprising when scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot in Oxford colleges.

The day began at Queen’s College where students were introduced to the university and then had three “taster” lectures: on History, Biology and Economics. They were introduced to ideas about innate moral values, our body’s immune systems and the ways in which organisations adapt management structures to reflect their product.

In the afternoon they  visited Lincoln College, and had discussions with existing Oxford students about life at Oxford, subject choices and career opportunities. By the end of the day they had realised there was a lot more to Oxford than Harry Potter, but there were moments as they visited the 800 year old buildings of Lincoln College: the quads, the library, the chapel and the croquet lawn where a wizard would not have been entirely out of place.

However, the overall impression was that students at Oxford were normal people and studying there would be both inspiring and achievable.

Ms Kohn