Year 12 Bosworth Battlefield Trip

Published on 20 October 2014

Year 12 Bosworth Battlefield Trip

Fifty-nine Year 12 students recently followed in the footsteps of Medieval soldiers when they visited Bosworth Battlefield, the historic location where Richard III lost his crown and his life to Henry Tudor. The visitor centre and interactive museum provided a valuable insight into this key moment in 1485, when Britain’s most infamous dynasty made their claim to the throne.

Students begun by climbing the legendary Ambion Hill, where the panoramic view from the sundial provided an opportunity to see the actual battlefield site from Richard III’s perspective. The 1.5 mile Battlefield Trail was accompanied by an experienced guide, with audio and visual interpretation about the battle and surrounding area. Bart Hill and Elliot Kimber took on the roles of key individuals, carrying the standards of their respective armies and re-enacting prominent moments in the battle.

The interactive exhibition allowed students to explore  the drama of battle through the eyes of four characters, trying on Medieval armour and testing their strength on a longbow. We also discovered how Henry VII secured his new kingdom and laid the foundations of the Tudor dynasty. The students examined real artefacts discovered at the battlefield site, including cannon balls and the iconic Bosworth Boar – voted 5th in ITV’s Britain’s Secret Treasures. Learning more about the much maligned Richard III convinced many of them to spurn the controversial Shakespearean interpretation; which unfairly portrayed the last Plantagenet as a pantomime villain.

The day was finished by a weapons display from a fully in-character costumed “Captain”, who skilfully demonstrated a variety of Medieval weaponry. Oscar Fiske especially enjoyed being the ‘victim’ of the deadly ‘lock-it, pop-it’ technique from a polearm!

Students thoroughly enjoyed their day out – despite getting a bit damp – and Lillie Molyneux commented on how much she had learnt from the experience: “Go on Miss, ask me any question about Bosworth and I can tell you the answer!” 

Mrs Akers-Jarvis