Law Students visit Aylesbury Crown Court

Published on 06 October 2014

Law Students visit Aylesbury Crown Court

As part of their introduction to the A-Level course, the Law students visited Aylesbury Crown Court on two occasions to meet His Honour Judge Sheridan, tour the court, and watch some cases. The students were really looked after; the Judge took his time out to provide them with advice and guidance about careers and applications for university. Another resident Judge at the Court, Recorder Montgomery, who sits as a part-time Judge and is a barrister QC for the other part, spoke to the students at length about the criminal justice system.

Chloe Vaughan, an A-Level Law student wrote about her experience:

“On Wednesday 24th September we went on a law trip to Aylesbury Crown Court.  The reasoning behind the trip was to expand and widen our knowledge of how a criminal court works during real trials. When we first got there we were greeted by a judge, HHJ Sheridan and he spoke to us about the history of the court building such as where hangings took place, and what sort of crimes were committed in the past. We learned that the youngest person to be hanged was 11 years old for stealing a loaf of bread!

We spoke to some prison guards and they went through the procedure of transporting the offenders to and from the court. We were given the opportunity to tour the van and were shown where the offenders are kept during their journey from prison to court and back.

We then sat in the court itself and observed real cases, such as an offensive weapon case, and a sexual assault. We observed a sentencing, a jury making a verdict, a questioning and a cross examination in a trial.

Overall it was a very interesting and useful experience, especially for those of us who wish to go into a career involving law.”