Sixth form enrichment



Yet another wildly successful Smile Week took place towards the end of October, with Vandyke’s Sixth Form once again at the helm of a whacky week’s fundraising for Smile Malawi, a charity that supports orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi.

Thanks to excellent organisation by the Sixth Form student team and sterling support from the rest of Years 12 and 13, as well as many members of staff, an impressive total of nearly £3,000 was made.

Over the course of the week, a series of fancy-dress themes inspired Sixth Formers to come to school in a range of weird and wonderful outfits: Ninjas, Teletubbies, Thunderbirds and cross-dressing nuns were among those who walked the corridors, and as is her custom, Sixth Form Manager, Clare pulled out all the stops with a different costume every day.

A series of tutor group led events including the ever-popular Krispy Kreme doughnut sales and the now traditional staff soccer match, helped boost the coffers significantly, whilst lunchtime events staged daily in the theatre pulled in full audiences and helped create a buzzing atmosphere across the school.  Few will forget the sight of Mr Downey and Mr Cooksey performing as Ant and Dec in the Lip Sync competition or ‘Duffy and Turney ‘break dancing in the week’s undisputed grand finale: the staff dance troupe’s unique interpretation of Strictly Come Dancing, in the Vandyke’s Got Talent competition.

Director of Sixth Form Mr Downey said: ‘I’m proud and delighted by the efforts of the whole sixth form. They all worked incredibly hard to deliver some excellent fundraising events, and to make such a huge sum in a short period of time is an amazing achievement. Staff members were also extremely supportive. As ever, there was a really special atmosphere, with staff and students having fun together to raise money for a very important cause, whilst remaining focused on the important business of teaching and learning. It was a truly great week.’