Course Description

AS law examines how law is made. Students will also examine the practicalities of the legal system and focus on both criminal and civil law. In the criminal law system students will learn what happens from the start of the process when an individual is stopped and searched by the police, to arrest, detention and eventual trial and/or sentencing. Students will also learn how to become a solicitor or barrister and the role of juries and magistrates in the criminal courts. The civil aspect of this module focuses on ways of resolving disputes outside of court and the civil court process.

During A2, students will focus solely on criminal law and will learn what is required for an offence to be made out. The offences learned will include murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, robbery, burglary and theft. Students will also examine defences such as self-defence and intoxication; when they may be relied upon and the effect if successful. Students will examine in detail the critical state of the law and proposed reforms to the current system.  One of the exams requires students to have a greater insight into one area of the A2 syllabus and will test them on this only.

Post-18 Opportunities and Employment

A-Level law will provide students with an excellent grounding and head start for a law degree. A qualifying law degree (LLB) will enable students to progress to become a solicitor or barrister. Students who do not wish to practice law may be interested in careers in the police force, the court or prison service, or even other authorities such as social services. For those who do not wish to enter a career in the legal field, a law qualification will demonstrate sound knowledge of the legal system, analytical, memory and reasoning skills.