ICT and computing

The goal of the ICT and Computing department is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make them effective and safe ICT users, both in their current academic career and later in the workplace.  The world of ICT is constantly changing and the ICT and Computing department is constantly adapting to ensure that we deliver a range of qualifications that is appropriate for our students and their needs.

 Key Stage 3

All Year 9 Vandyke students have discrete computer science lessons, where they explore their digital literacy skills, which are transferable to other subjects and useful in further study and the workplace.  All students are also introduced to computer fundamentals and programming.

Key Stage 4

  • OCR GCSE Computer Science
  • OCR Cambridge Nationals ICT

Students are given options for Key Stage 4 to follow an academic GCSE qualification (OCR GCSE Computer Science) or a semi-vocational qualification equivalent to GCSE (OCR Cambridge National Certificate in ICT).  The OCR GCSE Computer Science qualification gives students an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and a look at what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, as students develop their programming and problem-solving skills.  Students can extend their ICT skills through the OCR Cambridge National Certificate in ICT – a semi-vocational qualification designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and understanding required to use computer systems effectively at home, in school and in the workplace.  Students will also develop their ICT skills through a variety of project-based activities, including digital imaging and multimedia packages.

The department

The ICT and Computing department staff have ample and highly relevant industry experience in software packages from office to specialist software applications and programming languages.  The department is well equipped and has primary access to dedicated ICT suites, with computer equipment updated regularly.  In addition, we have a range of digital still and video cameras and recording equipment for student use.  The department actively uses a number of online learning tools to support the delivery of courses, to enable students to work more effectively outside the classroom and to help students develop independent study skills – a skill which is vital for a successful student.  The ICT and Computing department works closely with colleagues in all subject areas to ensure that they are able to incorporate the use of ICT within their curricula to provide further learning opportunities for students.

Mr T Heley - Head of ICT and Computing

For further information, please contact Mr Heley, heleyt@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk