Students excel in English at Vandyke.  The department consists of 12 experienced English specialists, who teach in expertly equipped classrooms in our brand new English suite.  Resources are carefully selected and regularly updated in order to precisely meet the needs of all students.  Setting is regularly reviewed.

We celebrate impressive results:  in 2015 70% of the cohort achieved A* - C at GCSE, exceeding the government benchmark for progress.  Achievement at A level is outstanding (ALPS 1 and ALPS 2), placing us in the top 25% of schools nationally, with A and A* grades at a record high.



Year 9

Students immediately embark on GCSE courses following the AQA English Language and Literature syllabi.  All external assessment is terminal at the end of year 11.  The team rigorously monitors attainment and progress, using this robust data to inform planning and teaching.  Students will study two 20th century novels, a selection of poetry and will be introduced to 19th century fiction by studying Jekyll and Hyde.


Year 10

Students begin the year 10 course in the summer of year 9, following a mock examination.  Classes study Macbeth, an anthology of short tales, Lord of the Flies and Frankenstein.  They also prepare for the literature poetry paper by studying a series of poems about power and conflict.  The English Language papers are also prepared for by looking at a range of non-fiction texts, from the 19th century to the present day.


Year 11

This is a consolidation year where students revise, refine and develop critical exam skills.  They will sit a mock examination at the end of the autumn term and a second in the spring term.

Throughout all years, intensive booster sessions are run after school and during holidays to offer students extra opportunities to excel.


Post - 16

We offer three A level qualifications:  in English Language, English Literature and English Combined.  These offer exciting opportunities to explore a range of texts from different cultures, times and genres.  Courses are designed to be both challenging and inspiring, offering theatre trips, seminars and lectures to support students' study.