MMA_VanDyke_2010_1_064Welcome to Vandyke’s Dance department!

Dance is a very popular subject and extra curricular activity here at Vandyke with over 70 students opting to study dance as a GCSE and A level. All students get the chance to take part in dance activities, either in lesson time or extra curricular activities and the fantastic opportunity to practice and perform in our excellent purpose built dance studio and theatre.

Dance is a highly practical subject with emphasis on performance and choreography. In Dance lessons you will be taught many set dance routines and how to improve on technique and performance. You will develop skills in dance choreography and working with friends to create group dance. You also get to study professional works in many different styles and discuss and write about their set design costume lighting and music. In A level dance you also study anatomy and physiology and dance history.

Highlights of the dance year are; theatre trips to London /Milton Keynes theatre, Gym and dance show cases, choreography competitions, workshops with professional dance companies. The year comes to a dramatic end with the very popular Vandyke Dance show in July, where you get a chance to perform to a sold out audience of friends and family!

MMA_VanDyke_2010_2_375Dance is also linked to performing arts where we work closely with Drama and Music on many different projects including the Arts Factory and Rock challenge.

At Vandyke we pride ourselves on our excellent examination results at GCSE and A level Dance.
Our recent OFSTED inspection confirmed what we already knew, that Performing Arts at Vandyke is a strength of our school!

Extra Curricular Opportunities

The Arts Factory is Vandyke’s after school drama, dance, music and art club.
It takes place on Mondays after school in the performing arts departments and is run by Vandyke’s enthusiastic Performing Arts Staff.  As a member of the Arts Factory, you will be able to enjoy performing arts outside of lessons and also have the chance to perform in a variety of productions and shows both in our theatre here at Vandyke and in professional venues such as The Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage.  Click on the Galleries section of this website to see photos of last year's Rock Challenge

MMA_VanDyke_2010_1_084The Vandyke Senior Dance Company

This runs on Tuesdays after school and is a real chance for the more experienced dancers to shine and learn complex dance routines and perform on lots of different occasions to show of their skills.

The Vandyke Junior Dance Company

This runs on Wednesday after school. This club mainly focuses on yr 9/10 students but anyone is welcome to come along. We dance mainly street style, but incorporate other styles into the routines.

Every lunchtime is available for dance students to rehearse dances or make up their own. It’s a very popular and fun lunchtime activity.